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Ahead in the Air:

relationships in space

Aerial Dance Pedagogy


Aerial Dance enhances students physical confidence and employs creative problem solving strategies to support community building.  Participants create relationships in space which a blend of dance, movement analysis, and environmental awareness. The choreography draws on aerial, vertical and horizontal movement made possible through responsive partner-work, collaborative trust, climbing and rappelling. Participants explore the relationship between movement and gravity while stimulating creative problem solving strategies.

Elementary school children are dangling from the ropes performing aerial arches and spins in the playground of their school celebrating their skills as gymnasts, dancers, artists and athletes.  Aerial dance is not easy and requires focus, athleticism, artistry and trust to a magical outcome. As a result students of different body types, athletic skill levels discover that anything is possible with hard work and collaboration.

Parrish, M.L. (2010) Ahead in Air: Active Learning through Aerial Dance

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