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Human Beings dance for a variety of purposes; as a means of communication, as a frame-work for courtship, as worship, as a celebration of initiation rites and as an expression of social class and culture.  Dance is an expression of humanity. In the practice of dance participants learn to take risks, master movement challenges and learn to trust through activities that engage in weight sharing, partnering and group cooperation. Using dance as a way to form community, Intergenerational Dance: Reaching, Connecting and Building Community seeks answers to the following questions about the use of dance and intergenerational collaboration.

Intergenerational Dance is designed to foster the development of movement experiences and to investigate intergenerational collaboration through dance. The program brings different generations of participants together to modify their preconceived notions of the community, thus diminishing stereo-typing and leading to the development of tolerant attitudes through artmaking interactions.



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