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Positive Tidbits: Inspired by pineapple tidbits, a sweet little piece of something that is good for you. Different elements can be used and combined to make this warm up activity different each time. Participants will move around the room, and when prompted will make a physical connection with another participant. Each person will then share a verbal positive tidbit such as an encouraging word or phrase. This will repeat so that participants share connections with many others.  Music Used: Jammin on the Porch on Eric Chappelle


1. Locomoting around the room

  • Locomotor Movements: Walking, skipping, galloping, marching

  • Pathways: circular, angular, curvy, straight

2. Physically connecting with another person

  • Physical Connections: hands, elbows, knees, feet, heads, shoulders, etc.

  • Actions: shaking hands, high five, hug

  • Levels: connecting on low, middle, high levels

3. Sharing something positive with that person

  • One Word: rainbow, beautiful, sharing, caring, appreciate, love, hope, truth, discovery, believe, trust, friendship, etc.

  • Short Sentences: about something that made/makes you happy

  • Compliments: give your partner a compliment


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