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Dancers Connect Interactive

DCI: Distributed Dance Using Social Media

DCI is the extension of previous research and extends scholarly research in the application of distributed technologies for K-12 students and teachers. Mila Parrish’s publications have established that interactive distributed instruction can support creative teaching and participation in dance (Parrish, 2006). Parrish’s research into the pedagogy of play (Parrish, 2018) and the use of distributed instruction to reach students in rural communities revealed the potential of such applications to increase student-teacher connections, heighten access to resources, and reduce any sense of isolation (Parrish, 2008). Additionally, Parrish’s research considers the distributed lessons’ effectiveness as a practicum opportunity for pre-service dance students for content skills assessment, collaborative problem solving, reflective practice, and dance making (Parrish, 2009; Parrish, 2016). Understanding the implications of DCI will advance Parrish’s current research program. Morana, Robinson, and Taylor’s research will provide valuable and specific information on the potential impact that social media can have on dance teaching, creating, and distributing through a large community of collaborators in the arts in the future. By increasing creative and artistic opportunities with DC families, DCI will expand students’ awareness of the world of dance.

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