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Interactive Gateway Dance



Sara Anderson

I really like the chance improvisation. I would love to do chance games with my own students. I think it sets up critical thinking skills.

Alison Chafin

Its very important to be aware of movement as it relates to your conscience, your body, and space rather than just thinking about how it looks. By doing this dancers can be more confident in thier dance & more collaborative.

Missy Bischoff

Circle dances were surprisingly fun, inspiring, and energetic despite their simplicity. The communal aspects of these dances are very, very satisfying.

Daisy Delgado

I discovered that as a dancer I could express my feelings even though it might not make sense to the people who see the movement.

Francesco Caban

Dance is the manipulation of the body, you are in total control of it... You can't just dance something without feeling it and knowing what you are feeling and why you are feeling it. Every ounce of your blood must be comitted to dancing.

Kristen Grippo

I have learned through this project that even the small movements need to be performed and rehearsed using everything the dancer has dynamics, intention and passionate expression.

Carrie LeBaron

It was exciting to all of a sudden maneuver a toy monkey as I tried to complete the task.. The versatility of my prop offered me a new personality as I moved.

Shane Paugh

Everything & anything can become a dance movement. We observed and then transferred non-traditional movements to create new dances through an individuals perception.

Lona Lee

I enjoy the process. I loved invest igating & sharing with such a great group. As a dancer it allowed me to be free & to explore movements I can't often do during my technique classes.

Rachel Ryan

I liked using words & visual imagery to think of movements. Writing things down is a great way to organize my ideas and to remember things. I plan to do more writing in the future when planning dances.

Courtney McHugh

I loved our sport dances. It was an engaging activity, making our own sports up, working in groups. I enjoyed exploring that method as a form of dance making.

Leanne Schmidt

It is so exciting that we have such a young art form. It is fantastic that we had the opportunity to work with Yvonne Rainer, who we read about in our history books. It is great embodying what they are saying.

Sirena Shamblin

I have grown as a dancer from the workshops. Before, I didnt know how to let my body respond to movement. I have learned how to interact with other dancers when I dance.

Sarah Ventre

I wanted to be part of IG because I love modern dance & am interested in new or innovative thoughts, ideas, & concepts. Dance moves me, & I love how expressive, free, and real modern dance can be.

Laura Steigerwald

Dance is for everyone. The Circle Dances that we created were relaxing, enjoyable & fun to watch. The music enhanced the look & feel of the movement as we danced.

Stacie Williams

It was fun to incorporate the prop in our dancing. I had a hat and used it to create a character to be while going through the phrase.

Kiri Theobald

I think that everyone that choreographs a dance shares movement that reflects something unique about them.

Samantha Ellis

I liked the movements we have been doing in the IG workshops. I am learning so many new ways to express myself.

Process Interviews

Participants Lona Lee, Francesco Caban, Shane Paugh, and Rachel Ryan share their experiences as participants in the Interactive Gateway Project. Their interviews specifically address the uniqueness of the curriculum, reconstructing dances, and the importance of exploring Postmodern choreographic methods.





Final Interviews

Before performing Chair/Pillow students discuss the project. Students talk about movement explorations, challenges and successes, group dynamics, and working with the specialists. Students also consider how the curriculum enhanced their personal development as a dancer and artist.

Looking Close

Historical Importance

Dance in the Community

Where Dance Happens

Being Present

Workshop and Research Process

The Group Process

Process of Dance Documentation

Working with Props

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