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Interactive Gateway Dance


What is a Webcast?

The Interactive Gateway Project used live webcasting to allow high school students and their teachers to view workshops, interviews and performances at Arizona State University. Using computers, students at various high schools were able to view our webcast at their schools, and, afterwards, to discuss what they've seen with their teachers.

Live webcasting allowed the students to view the events happening at Arizona State University (ASU) as they took place. At ASU, the event is "captured" with a video camera. The video camera is attached to a computer via a firewire cable so that the images picked up by the camera are also picked up by the computer. Using software on the computer called QuickTime Broadcaster, the camera's images are then sent to the Internet.

Archive of 8 events

contemporary circle dance

Workshop students updated Deborah Hays Circle Dances and created their own circle dances with movement inspired by contemporary social dance. See how the movement welcomes everyone to participate.

functional gesture

Students learned how Judson Dance Theater choreographers used everyday functional gestures in their dances. Here students present their homework, which was to identify three everyday gestures.

technical combination

Some Postmodern dances were highly technical like Yvonne Rainers Trio A. Therefore it was important for dancers to attend technique classes. Here students learn a modern technique combination from workshop assistant Jennifer Walker.

chance dance

Workshop students explored the chance dance methods of Merce Cunningham. They were taught a dance sequence and then reordered the parts by employing chance procedures (rolling dice) on their own. Notice the variations and coincidences in their dances.

cut-up poetry

The students applied chance methods in literature by placing 1960s-based words in a bag and randomly pulling them out to create a chance poem. Watch their Cut-Up poetry dances.

props investigation

In the 1960s Yvonne Rainer was interested in dance that was free from spectacle and traditionally functional (the transference of a prop from one person to another and the act of carrying a box). In the workshop students reveal multiple ways to maneuver a prop focusing on its weight, size, and shape.

learning accumulation

Workshop students were taught Postmodern repertory from Tricia Brown, Sara Rudner and Merce Cunningham. In this video students are learning Trisha Browns Accumulation, choreographed in the 1970s. Watch as gesture upon gesture are layered to form a complex phrase.

issue dances

The creation of 1960s based issue dances was one of the most memorable experiences for the students. In activity students used 1960s content themes such as Vietnam, Civil Rights, and Womens Rights as the basis for their choreography. Watch the final rehearsal of Speak Out: Together We Have a Voice, which was performed at the 2003 Arizona High School Dance Festival.

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