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1960's Website Timeline

For information about a specific historic event check out the web links listed on the Interactive Gateway Historic Timeline.


John F. Kennedy becomes 36th and youngest President of the United States

Lyndon Johnson is sworn in as JFK's vice president

Desegregation begins when four black college students break "white only" policy in North Carolina

Martin Luther King Jr. urges 250,000 to march on Washington for equality of all people

Elvis returns to music scene from US Army

Robert Dunn's choreographic workshops signify beginning of Judson Dance Theater

Judson Dance Theater presents first concert at Judson Memorial Church

Berlin Wall built by Soviet Union to seal border between east and west Berlin


Bay of Pigs fiasco, CIA's secret operation in Cuba fails

President Kennedy creates the president's commission on women

Freedom Riders ride buses into south to force Justice Department to uphold new law on their behalf

Alan Shepherd is first American in space

Chubby Checker introduces twist on American Bandstand


Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee founded

United States discovers missile launch pads in Cuba and faces nuclear attack for thirteen days

Peace Corps formed to promote international literacy and reduce disease and poverty

National Organization of Women challenges unequal treatment of women


John F. Kennedy assassinated on November 22 and Lyndon Johnson sworn in as President

Civil Rights Act

Martin Luther King Jr. awarded Nobel Prize


Beatles arrive in US and launch "British Invasion"

Jimmy Hoffa sentenced for jury tampering

Ford Motor Company introduces sporty "Mustang"


Vietnam War becomes public when massive build-up of troops occurs

Malcolm X assassinated

EAT, a 'Happening' presented by Allan Kaprow, leads visitors through caves in Bronx


Draft increases, war protests rise

The national organization for women, a civil rights organization for women was founded


"Music for a Solo Performance" created by Alvin Lucier, electrodes attached to performer's scalp

US and USSR propose nuclear nonproliferation treaty


Bobby Kennedy assassinated after winning California primary

Richard Nixon sworn in as President

Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated outside hotel in Tennessee, riots follow

Meredith Monk forms The House an interdisciplinary approach to performance

Moon landing of Apollo XI broadcast


First man walks on the moon

First Internet, ARPANET, goes online

1960's Historic Scrapbook

In the 1960s Historic Scrapbook you can learn about the political, social, and historical implications of the 1960s. The scrapbook offers an overview of the 1960s demonstrating how the period was one of struggle and change, as well as more specific information about the space walk, civil rights demonstrations, the assassination John. K Kennedy, Woodstock, 1960s fashions and more.

Click here to view the 1960s Historic Scrapbook.

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